Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Energy Generation

One of the biggest obstacles to the widespread use of wind power generation is that many areas just aren’t that windy. >The alternative form of wind energy produced by trains is very unique, as it does not depend on any natural energy resource. A moving train compresses the air in the front of it and pushes the air from its sides thereby creating a vacuum at its rear and its sides as it moves forward. To fill up this vacuum a mass of airflow rushes into the sides and the rear. The kinetic energy of the wind movement thus created can be used to generate electricity.
Roof renovations are integrating solar cell modules into traditional roof materials in order to generate clean energy. This system will promote the effective use of roof space.
Figure 1. Direction of wind flow

Way of disposing of such a vast quantity of human waste & distributing it along the tracks, a place guaranteed to be uninhabited, to sterilize in the searing tropical sun these biodegradable wastes shall be used to produce clean energy & stabilization of wastes. Use of bio-degradable waste has been effective in power production. Bio-degradable waste undergoes a process of anaerobic digestion after which they are subjected to Induction Heating. Methane gas is produced, which then powers the methanol fuel cells. 
The energy is generated without any interference of the normal train operation. This generated electricity can be further used. more...

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