Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Climate Risk Manager

Climate by definition is past weather that prevailed more than 30 years in larger areas/ regions. Climate though partly modified (artificial rainfall and changing plant microclimate agronomically), in larger sense, it can not be modified. Hence it is the mandate requirement of living beings to adapt themselves to the existing ruling climate. Under normal weather/ climate situation, there is variability which has some fixed periodicity. But under change in climate condition (climate change) with increased volume of green house gas accumulation in the atmosphere that triggered air temperature, the study on variability has to be made. Since the atmosphere has no political boundary, the impact from larger greenhouse gas accumulation from one region of the world (developed countries) may affect the other part of the world (developing and under developed countries). Hence climate is to be managed scientifically at the village level by doing local level adaptation and mitigation practices rather than at regional level in order to sustain the livelihood activities of the human population. Under this umbrella, it is paramount important to train selected villagers to manage local climate and this forms one among the adaptation practices to maneuver the impact from climate change. more....

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