Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Energy Generation

In particular this invention relates to the shape and form of leaves and needles and their incorporated nonmaterial’s that allows the Nano leaf to harvest, capture environmental energies like solar radiation, wind and sound and turn this into electricity, the Nano leaves made from a flexible substrate, is exploited on both sides, using a process called thin-film deposition which will incorporated thermo and photovoltaic material for the purpose of converting solar radiation (light and heat) in addition we introduce piezoelectric connective elements that connect/affix the leaf to the plant or tree, this not only allows quick and secure assembly but it also serves for turning wind energy into electricity. Furthermore we intend to get our Nano leaves as close to real as possible, one way to achieve this is to emboss the leaves,
creating a three-dimensional leaf surface image, which is beneficial for harvesting and capturing solar radiation. The invention advances upon all prior art artificial leaves, needles and grasses including water based plants, this method not only foresees an economical and efficient way to harvest solar radiation and wind energy via incorporation of thermo- photovoltaic and piezoelectric materials but also reveals a method for affixing artificial leaves that can harvest and capture solar radiation, wind energy and energy generated from falling rain and hail, providing an aesthetically pleasing and natural looking artificial leaves and needles that can be affixed to trees, plants, shrubs and water based plants. Furthermore the main advantage of these Nano leaves is that these
leaves are converting more energy than the solar panels. When we comprised the energy produced from Nano leaf tree to the energy produced with the solar panels, we found out that artificial Nano trees are converting solar radiation (light and heat) and wind(3 in 1) 130kwh p/in
  per year 370 euro p/in and solar panels are converting sun light 90Kwh p/in2 580p/in2.As far as we concern about the usage of this energy, this electrical energy can be used for driving the car which will reduce the use of the fossil fuels and can be used to enlighten the house.
It concludes by stating that the scope of the renewable energy from the Nano leaf tree in a relatively modern field will tend to solve the very big problems for the world like global  warming.

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