Thursday, August 25, 2011

Solar-powered motorcycle

      One look at these photos and you know this motorcycle is in the concept stage as I cannot remember seeing any of these on the road.
      This is the SunRed solar-powered motorcycle that won the Best Innovative Technology award at the Barcelona Int’l Auto Show, this does look pretty cool and anything that is good to the environment and can be classed as gadget or latest technology is good in my books.
          This SunRed project in the near future will result in a life-size prototype of the solar-powered motorcycle, the prototype will be able to store electrical power from captured sunlight and power the motorcycle in the most environmentally-friendly way.
         The clamshell looking motorcycle is built that way to optimize the panel’s surface and to make the vehicle not too bulky. The SunRed solar-powered motorcycle is not moving it can store energy for up to 20km (13 miles) and travel at around 50km/h (30 mph).

         Most modern electric bikes are designed in the same way as the motor on this solar-powered motorcycle; it is placed right in the axle of the wheel and brushless.
Now we got to remember this vehicle designed by SunRed is just a concept, but the company hopes that this will become a benchmark for future developments of solar applications in different vehicles.

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